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Cambera Farm LLC is a small Connecticut bakery with big flavors. Owned by sisters, Cori and Kiera Antignani, they strive to deliver top quality local ingredients at an affordable price for all. Cori started this sourdough adventure in 2013 because she needed a side piece to her homemade fruit jams she was selling at local farmers markets. Our supportive customer base and bread, as well as donut flavor selections have been growing ever since!
Our signature products are simple-ingredient, naturally-leavened sourdough bread loaves and sourdough bombolinis, or donuts, that come in a variety of rotating flavors. We use King Arthur Flour products and locally sourced ingredients as often as possible. With classic, sweet and savory flavor options, Cambera Farm Bakery is sure to have something you’ll love!

The Perfect


Weekly Bread FlavorsDonut Flavors & Vegan Donuts – May 13 to 15th

Bread Flavors

$8 each
• White
• Whole wheat
• Sunflower
• Rosemary
• Everything
• Apple cider
• Garlic & herb
• Jalapeno cheddar
• Cranberry walnut

Donut Flavors

$2.50 each / 6 for $13 / 13 for $25

• Plain
• Glazed
• Cinnamon sugar
• Chocolate frosted
• Boston cream
• Strawberry rhubarb
• Creamsicle
• NY cheesecake

Vegan Donuts

$3.50 each / 6 for $15
• Plain
• Glazed
• Cinnamon sugar
• Chocolate frosted
• Strawberry rhubarb

We’re accepting pre-orders through all social media platforms as well!


Cambera Farm Bakery offers real sourdough breads in over 20 varieties of flavors as well as hand crafted sourdough bombolinis and alfajores. With classic, sweet and savory options, there’s always something new to try.

Our available bread and donuts flavors rotate weekly throughout the seasons. Possible bread flavor choices include:
white, whole wheat, multigrain, honey oat, beer bread, cranberry orange whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, rosemary, everything, goat milk, blueberry white chocolate, banana split, jalapeño cheddar, cheddar dill, cranberry walnut, garlic olive, rye, challah, sunflower, dark chocolate cherry, pumpkin, scallion garlic, nutella-peanut butter, maple pecan, bacon cheddar, parmesan cracked pepper, roasted red pepper asiago, brown sugar pecan, eggnog, honey sesame whole wheat, apple cider. Weekly rotating donut flavors include:

Plain, glazed, cinnamon sugar, chocolate frosted, boston cream, strawberry cream, bramble berry, apple pie, pumpkin cream, lemon lavender, cajeta, tajín lime, chocolate covered cherry/strawberry/orange, lemon curd, cookies and cream, caramel chocolate pretzel, strawberry/blueberry cheesecake, eggnog, and hot coca!

Cambera Farm Bakery is dedicated to bringing you innovative and creative flavor combinations every week! Please feel free to recommend or suggest a flavor you might like to try!

We also offer sourdough breadcrumbs and croutons, quick breads, muffins, cookies, cake pops and hot cocoa bombs as often as we are able to make them.

Wholesale pricing available, contact us for more info

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